Yesterday your words were soft and sweet

your tender kisses so complete..

Your touch a song of life to come


Today your words are quick and harsh

you look at me with troubled/fleeting glance


Tomorrow you will be elsewhere

wherever takes you unaware

your interest will be there


And I will sit and wait and hope

remembering the slightest touch

Hoping you will soon return

My longing for you will burn and burn


Soon I will accept less and less

happiness altered/feelings haltered

Convincing myself that all is well

and that our love is strong


Then I will forget who we were

who I am and what we had

accepting less..until all love is gone

and you and I are but a shell


Today I choose to start anew

to walk away from all I know

you can’t hold onto what never was

Your lies unfolded all our love


My heart was yours but not today..


Your empty heart I give you back

Life calls to me /been whispering patiently


Your lies to me are Yours to keep

wrap yourself tightly and hope you can Sleep!


©Copyright Karen Bain 2014. All Rights Reserved.


This land of Life


Boc6ZmOCAAA3Vup.jpg large


Learn to crawl

learn to stand

learn to walk Tall

on this land

Don’t be broken

go unspoken

learn to Sing

Reach out, to Touch

Grow, to Learn, to Give

Leave all users

and abusers

Be Yourself, and

Learn to Live


©Copyright Karen Bain 2014. All rights reserved.

The Sale



Static…static faces…static lifelines.


parallel lives lost

forgotten now

switched off in sudden confusion

not wanting to fail.

Choices? futures sold/spent.

the easy choice…we do the ‘right thing’

freely we take them in an instant

in search of ?…Contentment

greed we seek everything now

blinded of tomorrow..but once signed

now changes

suddenly it is today

dawn rising seeking you out

got to get free…..Run

a fleeting image troubles us

in fear we stop

trembling we falter

stumbling tumbling we fall

horrible/ shallow/ empty/ awfulness


round and round/puzzling/fumbling

blaming it is too late – ‘Shop Closed’

we have forgotten who we were ever once to be..

©Copyright Karen Bain 2014. All rights reserved.

City of The Dead



Neon Lights flash Instant bright
fast food delivered as you rush to work
Spoon fed

Cold/Metallic/Reflective unnatural structures
stretch into an icy sky..blocking out the light
to guide you – to reach you
to caress your cheek

Blanc faces, pale..extreme
bulging wallets rule this town
No price too High…Fuck the sky!

No life too cheap to bleed until dry
no Touch…no Thank you very much
a lack of care/ empty stare
Daddy isn’t home yet

Decaying minds with all the promise of
the ‘Have a nice day’ Society
everything Now…instant…Fast

but nothing lasts..all plunging
unravelling to the sub/conscious numb
take the Tube..get there Faster..
Mind the Gap!

©Copyright Karen Bain 2014. All rights reserved.

The Loss


BqiIu7DCUAAtiZm.jpg large

Tangible lines drawn unbroken

untangling, loosening

suppressing, choking

What was is gone, all life is askew

strange in body and all sinew

Unflowing, useless, all stuttering mess

incomplete, obsolete

fragility in undress

Reflections shattered, eternity changed

All focus escapes

All mess, all undress

night turned to/day

Control in reverse

my life stuck on hold..

My body is broken

My heart set on fire

Story untold..

End of my hearts desire.

©Copyright Karen Bain 2014. All rights reserved.

The Love that Was




Remove me from your memories

banish me from your life

erase me with your ignorance

bitterness and lies..


Forget me just as easily

as once you called me friend

Make me as I never was

nor ever will be again..


Whisper not my name again

nor call to me to the night

erase all that once was beautiful

to aid and ease your mind..


But I still know

and I still feel

and once you were as mine

The tenderness we shared

I hold it still

It is never from my mind..


Our love was pure within my heart

The heart that never fails

And I remember who I was

within your heart as well…


©Copyright Karen Bain 2014. All Rights Reserved.