City of The Dead



Neon Lights flash Instant bright
fast food delivered as you rush to work
Spoon fed

Cold/Metallic/Reflective unnatural structures
stretch into an icy sky..blocking out the light
to guide you – to reach you
to caress your cheek

Blanc faces, pale..extreme
bulging wallets rule this town
No price too High…Fuck the sky!

No life too cheap to bleed until dry
no Touch…no Thank you very much
a lack of care/ empty stare
Daddy isn’t home yet

Decaying minds with all the promise of
the ‘Have a nice day’ Society
everything Now…instant…Fast

but nothing lasts..all plunging
unravelling to the sub/conscious numb
take the Tube..get there Faster..
Mind the Gap!

©Copyright Karen Bain 2014. All rights reserved.


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