Yesterday your words were soft and sweet

your tender kisses so complete..

Your touch a song of life to come


Today your words are quick and harsh

you look at me with troubled/fleeting glance


Tomorrow you will be elsewhere

wherever takes you unaware

your interest will be there


And I will sit and wait and hope

remembering the slightest touch

Hoping you will soon return

My longing for you will burn and burn


Soon I will accept less and less

happiness altered/feelings haltered

Convincing myself that all is well

and that our love is strong


Then I will forget who we were

who I am and what we had

accepting less..until all love is gone

and you and I are but a shell


Today I choose to start anew

to walk away from all I know

you can’t hold onto what never was

Your lies unfolded all our love


My heart was yours but not today..


Your empty heart I give you back

Life calls to me /been whispering patiently


Your lies to me are Yours to keep

wrap yourself tightly and hope you can Sleep!


©Copyright Karen Bain 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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