Deeply Within



Deeply within….
You are inside me/ you are me
see me/surround me…
You are my very being

My every breath unspoken
My sweetest thought
My gentlest dream…
My softest whisper….blowing

You are life unending…
All encompassing/disrobing/untangling/Flowing
Wash over me and make me whole

You understand me..feel me
Astound me/ See me
Surround me, so deeply within

You are Light, and touch, and caressing laughter
The everafter love
And I tremble so deeply within

┬ęCopyright Karen Bain 2014. All Rights Reserved.


The Voice



I am mystery
I am darkness
I am calling you..
I am echoing
I am silence
I am the lost inside of you..
I am memory
I am doubt
I am fear
And all your loss..
I am winning
I am calling
I am peace
I am the voice

┬ęCopyright Karen Bain 2014. All Rights Reserved.