The Discord



Abusive words come easy
the hurt they cause it lasts
Wipes out all of yesterday
tears the world apart

Makes me feel as nothing; worthless
to the core
Retreating back in silence
unloved for ever more

‘I wish I’d never ever met you’ the
words of love I hear
spoken as you spit at me to
Wipe away my tears

I was never your enemy
at times your only friend
I’m sorry I’ve ‘Never been there for You’
hurtful to the end..

But you once meant the world to me
today I’m sad that you still do
If you wanted so badly to leave me
I was not stopping you

You have no right, you never did
to scream at me your hate
I loved you for the soul you were
The soul your Hatred ate.

┬ęKaren Bain 2015.All Rights Reserved.





Blue black sky-starry night twinkles over silver sea
pathway to the past and the land of our time
fishermen and fishwives shelter in the lashing dreich
Sparkling towers in the main street echo beauty sunlit or wintry rain
mychty men quarried our silver city dug deep and built it up
on the pieces bright glances and rowie’s their quines gave to them each morning
Atop o’ a building looking at the view ahead Twa towns
clear skies over squabbling gulls swirling chasing fishing boats home
children racing flying kites at the beach boaties in the distance
Twa rivers merge into ice cold water deep grey restless sea of endless storms
gave us life and brings us death – here communities are born.

┬ęCopyright Karen Bain 2015. All Rights Reserved.