Bhaile / Home


IMG_1097 (3)_tonemapped

I love my country
know the curve of it’s landscape
the language of it’s people
I am surrounded by beauty and light
as I walk along the shore
the water lapping and the moon shining above
guiding me always
There is a language in the water
in the ebb and flow of the tides
as they are absorbed glistening into silver sands
I am settled I am home
To you I am the enemy disrupting your safe and settled green
your roses in bloom/ your quiet cup of afternoon tea
in your sitting room
Worse I am every nightmare in your eyes
all disruption
I am reminding you
of all the wrong you do and have ever done
and all we have become
I am blue and white and surrounded by
progressive light
the light of the future of our people and our land
on a different path now
divided by you
Turning my back
Yellow and strong
shining brightly
with finally a sense of who I am
Independently on my own
In charge of my destiny

┬ęCopyright Karen Bain 2015. All Rights Reserved.