ciùrr / hurt



Retreating inwardly
coiling back deep inside
a shadow spinning onwards
into dark unexplored lands
returning to the journey
the path to me

Broken love in shattered pieces
smashed and ground underfoot
Lost within the hateful
hollow words
spewed out…in non contextual parts
Becoming dust…
no thought of love
or care of connection

Love selfishly-self/erased
an empty vessel cast aside
into the cold bitter black forgotten void
unrecognisable now
twisted out of shape
like your words to me
cruel imprints of your barren heart
This is how I will Remember you…

©Karen Bain 2015. All Rights Reserved.


7 thoughts on “ciùrr / hurt

      • Dear Karen, when I started writing scribbles, and my blog I’ve been told to write only the beauty and good sides of life from persons very dear to me! Because I’ve been told that sad and dark things will lead to depression, more hurt in one’s life. Therefore sad scribbles in PoetryZoo will never see the daylight.
        I never meant to interfere, this is the way I’m looking at life. Sure I have also dark moments in my life like tomorrow when I’ll visit my husband’s grave with our son. It still hurts…
        As you said there will be times happiness will take over and smiles will conquer your face, hopefully very soon. I can’t wait to read your wonderful poetry written under the watchful eyes of those uplifting thoughts that will spread joy to all of us. Please forgive me if I said too much and too personal.
        Have a wonderful new week Karen, my dear friend 🌹🌹🌹

      • Thanks Beth for your thoughtful words and good wishes…Here’s to uplifting days! Having suffered from depression in the past poetry and painting are my outs. The need to express everything is great and all feelings I think should have life. Life is ever eventful, good or bad and out of our control…but goodness comes and with it learning, especially about ourselves. I think the darkness and the light both have a place. I am sorry to read of your husband. I wish you only good thoughts Beth and will be thinking of you tomorrow. Take care, and be well my friend 🙂 X

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