Ionnannachd – Identity




We are all other..
all Outsiders
all migrants
within our modern constructs
and concepts
of borders and culture..
of who and what we are
Within our native lands
we are as One..


©Karen Bain 2016. All Rights Reserved.



6 thoughts on “Ionnannachd – Identity

  1. Karen, I have just discovered you. All because of a like you have given me of one of my verses. Thank you, for your like and knowing you had read my thoughts for just a moment. And, as I visit your thoughts in your words I wish to thank you again; since I know I will continue to enjoy reading more of what you have created. Have a good day! ~ Eric

    • Many thanks Eric, for your beautiful words here, and for reading, and your support on my poetry. I am looking forward to continuing to read, and discover your thoughts through your wonderful writing. Wishing you a good weekend. 🙂 X

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