An t-Slighe / The Way



I am the sum of all who have helped me
all who have shown me the way
I am the sum of all who have offered me
their tomorrow’s are my today

I am the sum of all who saw in me
what I did not see in myself
the sum of a precious journey…
The path beyond myself

I am the sum of all who gave to me
what I could not find inside of me
I am the song that was sung to my heart
echoing beyond my darkest night

the sum of a thousand tender gifts
Speaking love and beauty and dignity…

┬ęKaren Bain 2016.All Rights Reserved.






Life is an avoidance of self
of who and what we are
a running away from the inevitable
that everything changes
All must End
all Withers…
towards the Centre
and that we die
and yet in dying
We become..
become again fully part of who
and all we are
or ever were
we are at once fully Alive…


┬ęKaren Bain 2016. All Rights Reserved.