ath-chuimhneachadh / Remembrance




If I close my eyes I am there…
BY your side time stands still
and all points lead to this place
This room contains all of me
and all of you..
all the sunlight flickered across these walls
one last lifetime..
all the shadows your smile diminished
your hand in mine..
Lost in cold remembrance and memory…


©Karen Bain 2016.All Rights Reserved.


Summer’s End




Summer was always your favourite time

walking hand in hand sand and sea

blissfully discarding easy footprints


given to the earth freely

Moments made and captured in memories

of all our living days of raptured thought

unspoken love of shared dreams and

Promises to be

as we slept entwined in

Rustled creased and disentangled

sheets of love laid bare

alive within dreams and life that flowed

Breathed life and lived again

into tomorrow’s sky..

So easily

we spoke of all creation

while the sun rose and set again

On our love

until the temporary illusion of time was shattered

by the mechanical tick tock

time running out 

Dissolving eroding from the inside

melting away in shattering rebounding jarring silence

Our vivid sky trickling and pouring down

onto our laps

where our eyes settled and closed

Until you took my hand again

and smiled…

And that is why You are brave to me

why your hand is still in mine

why your heart is with me

and we are still there chatting on that bench

sitting in the light of our days…

because you chose to let go

On a beautiful summers day

when all the world and the fresh blue living sky

Was singing and laughing…

©Karen Bain 2016.All Rights Reserved.





Perceived norms
perceptions of realities
constructs of our castles in the air..
Our relative fitting in
and of each other
by way of exclusivity
by way of subjective labels..
Constructs of roles and
Lessening in significance
tired and worn out
cloaks and shadows
a Lessening of ourselves
and all that we are born to be
before we are buried under
Society’s acceptance…


©Karen Bain 2016.All Rights Reserved.