Karen Bain - Writer

Bio: I am a writer and a freelance artist with a lifelong love of literature, history, poetry, writing, and photography. Oh and of course painting! I studied a bachelors (Hons) degree in English literature, History and Media Studies at University. Later attending art college. To relax I love to spend time with my family and my cat, who tries to interrupt my writing as much as possible by protest sitting on my keyboard and holding my chair to ransom. I am a lifelong runner, although lately that is on hold following what was to become a life path altering appointment with a brain surgeon. My health issues have only made life more worthwhile, made me feel more positive and everything seem more precious. Writing has been a saving grace as I continue on my journey to recovery. I have been writing since I was at school and had poetry published when I was in my twenties. Poetry is a medium that I love as it is so free flowing and expressive. Recently I completed my third short story. Currently I am dividing my time between commission art work and editing my Novel, which will be published later this year. I am also looking forward to completing and publishing a serial novel, and very soon a book of my poetry. Provided I can secure the freedom and liberation of my keyboard from my cat.

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