tuiteamach / falling


when you speak to me of love

your voice is all constricted,

your gaze is down,

watching restless movements,

birds circling your feet — today’s incompletes

drowning in substantive

thought — i can feel it — the reverberated

shuffling, night’s ripple of uncomfortable,

mistimed tuneless

unorchestrated movements,

the awkward in-betweens of our life.

and yet.

full of care,

care sits right over there,

with you. sits where you sit, somehow

it fits, & i am — comfortable

for the first time — in a long time. yet

my heart is pounding, rushing, flowing,

pulsing, growing into you, pulling away.

blooming — booming — my voice

is all avoidance, avoiding me, the day,

my feelings as all the words flow on repeat

and rush away — flowing forwards,

rushing, running,

leaving me.

standing -— still.

my mind

and all contained — will never find the still,

the air around, the room in which we sit

or stand, to fall.

i fall, i fail.

the continual fall to fail,

below your feet.

and who am i.

a passing torment.

a passing — wasted


inside the blink —

of your eye.



Amor et Vita



Where has our love gone
have time and pain washed love away
Has our focus shifted feelings
left behind along the way..
Has pain blocked out all the sunlight
the path that leads to and from our door
has warmth left my chambered heart forever
Is love lying dying on our floor..
Is it hiding from what lies waiting
all that causes it Fear and pain..
Is it hanging on to something Dead now
something remembered
something blamed..
Have fear and anger distorted our vision
of who we are and how we feel
Has the sunlight turned to Darkness
our Echoes of pain…all that is Real..

tha mi airson faighinn a-mach
©Copyright Karen Bain 2015.All Rights Reserved.


The Sale



Static…static faces…static lifelines.


parallel lives lost

forgotten now

switched off in sudden confusion

not wanting to fail.

Choices? futures sold/spent.

the easy choice…we do the ‘right thing’

freely we take them in an instant

in search of ?…Contentment

greed we seek everything now

blinded of tomorrow..but once signed

now changes

suddenly it is today

dawn rising seeking you out

got to get free…..Run

a fleeting image troubles us

in fear we stop

trembling we falter

stumbling tumbling we fall

horrible/ shallow/ empty/ awfulness


round and round/puzzling/fumbling

blaming it is too late – ‘Shop Closed’

we have forgotten who we were ever once to be..

©Copyright Karen Bain 2014. All rights reserved.