Cùrsaichean air astar/ Distance




Love seeps into the heart
warm and Fluid
Deep within
every sinew…

Pulsating with life
part of the whole
Connected along maternal lines
platelets ruby red
freshly oxygenated
At the touch
of Life
my gift to you…

In return
you offer iced chilled pain
siphoned technology
Cobalt blue
and copper wires…
care distilled through barriers

Technological last moments..
sheer image
of my son’s becoming
To me..
to himself
Stark reflections
of the cold unwelcoming world
inhabited now…
from Home



©Karen Bain 2016.All Rights Reserved.


Bhaile / Home


IMG_1097 (3)_tonemapped

I love my country
know the curve of it’s landscape
the language of it’s people
I am surrounded by beauty and light
as I walk along the shore
the water lapping and the moon shining above
guiding me always
There is a language in the water
in the ebb and flow of the tides
as they are absorbed glistening into silver sands
I am settled I am home
To you I am the enemy disrupting your safe and settled green
your roses in bloom/ your quiet cup of afternoon tea
in your sitting room
Worse I am every nightmare in your eyes
all disruption
I am reminding you
of all the wrong you do and have ever done
and all we have become
I am blue and white and surrounded by
progressive light
the light of the future of our people and our land
on a different path now
divided by you
Turning my back
Yellow and strong
shining brightly
with finally a sense of who I am
Independently on my own
In charge of my destiny

©Copyright Karen Bain 2015. All Rights Reserved.




Blue black sky-starry night twinkles over silver sea
pathway to the past and the land of our time
fishermen and fishwives shelter in the lashing dreich
Sparkling towers in the main street echo beauty sunlit or wintry rain
mychty men quarried our silver city dug deep and built it up
on the pieces bright glances and rowie’s their quines gave to them each morning
Atop o’ a building looking at the view ahead Twa towns
clear skies over squabbling gulls swirling chasing fishing boats home
children racing flying kites at the beach boaties in the distance
Twa rivers merge into ice cold water deep grey restless sea of endless storms
gave us life and brings us death – here communities are born.

©Copyright Karen Bain 2015. All Rights Reserved.