drioftadh / drifting


if I could be anywhere

I’d be bare, foot

sinking in soft selkie sand. cool surround

calm mingling. lying shore still on childhood down.

north sea roaring rolling over — me

gazing at night sky overhead. a star

with no name yet — shooting across. lighting the way,

offering hope. winking. me

assimilated in breeze, contemplating drifting,

driftwood underfoot.

gull soaring through ages, times past horizons.

the rise & fall of fishing boats,

on silver seas.

the vastness

of our — lost connections.







Our house was cold…hollow of sound

every day returning to the emptiness

flicking the switch to light the dust

of your abandoned world

hoping to find you waiting

walking from absent room to room

ever missing

ever lacking

negligent of all that marriage should be

inwardly distancing myself from you

As far as I could go


coiling back within myself

the past unborn/ as our future

and every pitch black hollow night

returning with excuses

told to unhearing ears

as we undressed unfacing each other

turning away as the lights went out

I grew to unlove you

and your empty sounds

lies spoken through smug smiles

talking to me as if I was a child

unappeasing me

filling the hollow air with promises never to be

but I knew

knew what you were/ where you were/ were not

closed the door

left you to your abandoned life

our empty house of hollow sound

echo’s silencing from room to room

and the darkening night of your void

©Copyright Karen Bain 2015. All Rights Reserved.