sglèat / slate


In another time & place       

when i was someone else — i          

held you. saw you for the 

last time. final journey.   

gazing out towards   

home, i watched you  

fly — across the tidal ice.

soul carried 

high. sky slate    

grey, as the ice packed 

North Sea,

roared tumbling.

pain echoing thunder.

crack. the tearing 

of my soul & all the half stitched

seams holding us together.

i stood inside days. waiting. lost 

inside the storm.

staring out. standing tied.

shore-bound, screaming

at the raw edged wound of nature. 

hoping to be swallowed up,

as hearts opened & merged 

with the fossils of stones.

one moment out of time & step,

the glance away — the cruelest blow. 

my hell brain mind replaying 

last words back

to me. unsettled, mingling with the

Sea. as day rolled in & out. pain

washing over. tears flooding,

drowning me,mixing with the salt. eroding

my reflection. the me i had become,

your eyes, staring back 

from the deep, in 

hollowed scooped

out silence. 

©Copyright Karen Bain 2017.All Rights Reserved.


tàirneach / thunder



I washed you out with bitter words
i washed myself out with it. spat me
out down the drain where I’m sitting
still. watching waiting for the change
to come to feel again to leave undone
to stop the hammer in my head that
keeps reverberating through each night
each day disrupting all, won’t leave me be..
i did not want what you wanted
i did not want
i did not
i did
I saw
i saw the spark
i saw the spark kindle
i saw the spark kindle and catch light
I saw the light within the darkness
the darkness within your eyes
i wanted to dive in to see to feel to
lose myself, get lost in all from me as
far from me as i could get it’s never
far enough. i see and feel the rain too much
i see and feel the voices echoing, resonating
on into the distance and back again. the
arrows as they pierce. i am engulfed buried
under the darkest night of howling moon.

i see the colours of the darkness, the dripping
reds and hurtful words the clawing and the
scratches the cut marks as i lay in bed, it all
comes back to me tenfold within the voice
that will not leave or listen. i see and feel
all I’ve done undone and done again i feel unto
the end of time the crushing inside my mind,
the crushing weight of all the pain, the universe
undone again. as it cries out i hear the siren
in the whisper,the banshee in its loss, the blood
that thunders underground, the spark that shoots
and feeds the roots of all we are connected — dis
connected to,the ties that bind us all together,
the shadows as they walk and creep, the darkness
as it swoops and steeps to reach out to us, to
lend a hand, the fist that closes in. i hear the
silence beneath the waves that beat, that rise and
fall, ebb in and out and crash — as birds swoop
overhead and trust the air that suffocates.

i did not want to be as i am but here i sit and this
is me, a shell engulfed by flames and light within
the screaming darkness of my night.
a shell surrounded and engulfed by sound, that flows
and pumps the beat unto the ground,that feels it
all the ebb the flow the heightening quick of the
undertow, as i am pulled this way and that.
i spat me out down the drain where I’m sitting still..
watching waiting for the change to come,to feel
again to leave undone to stop the hammer in my
head. to leave me be to be as dead within the
hush, the silence that must live — somewhere
inside the chaos within — the melancholy of
the sound…


©Copyright Karen Bain 2017.All Rights Reserved.

Love returned


IMG_1597 (3)444

Do you come to me..
do you run to me..
do you love me

every turn your head makes from me
every empty silent word
all that is said about nothing
Pridefully avoiding ourselves and each other
suppressed in smothering silence
choking the blue/black chilled air
surrounding our fears
hiding from the reality though it faces us
And we awake to it each morning

But it is there
dead long ago..
left to fester now in
the shadow of all we were
in the dust of our memories
that once cast beauty and connected light
through our tender love
encompassing all
The brightest of both our pasts
undying love in thought and time
Visited no more
grown tired in the waiting room

All is ever/ all is present/ all is truth
All is let go
and I will run from you
because I love you
And return to me.

©Karen Bain 2014.All Rights Reserved.

New Dawn / Dàn nuadh



Never together
never one whole
beginnings in obliteration
power out of control
Suppression of a people
ignorance of who we are
arrogance in power
Weak from where we are

Change is tumbling forward
rumbling through the mist
rolling on the horizon
through the consciousness
Change will end their arrogance
Time is running out

They will be redundant
simply cease to be
drowned in their lack of vision
that will be their destiny

Change is tumbling forward
rumbling through all time
Our dawn is now
Our light will ever shine
© Karen Bain 2014.All Rights Reserved.




Across the sea another land
reach out to me
Touch my hand
through the mist of time
an endless song
echoing homeward
a life reborn

An endless ocean
of rhythmic tides
moonlight glistening
echoing skies
the power
the glory
far away
endlessly flowing
night and day

A lifetime’s journey
across the shore
throughout the ages evermore
reach out and touch me
Touch my hand
an endless journey
through time and sand

©Karen Bain 2014. All Rights Reserved.

The White Land


BuEIIJhIcAAC0Bw.jpg large


There is a land where we belong

There is a land and it is Free

It is a land of life & soul

Of dreams

It has never been bought

can never be sold


It has been marched on

trodden on…infiltrated

Spat upon


It is unchanged/unfaltered

never altered

Its destiny is stone


It has rivers of tears

and earth rich in blood

It’s son’s have died for ‘freedom?’


It is Pride & Disassembly

No man can have what he fails

to understand

We can not Own


©Copyright Karen Bain 2014. All Rights Reserved.