èirigh na grèine / sunrise


I walk towards infinity. how good to   

finally be one with all in me. to lie down,   

in cool rained grass. to seek no more. 

to lay my limbs among the roots 

of trees.  s t r e t c h i n g  o u t  the dusk 

filled sky. to bleed forth dreams, 

into the sap of man. let go, to breathe 

to die. death as journey, 

the withered path inside. returning. 

recognition, under towering oak.

connecting roots, that flow beyond coming spring, 

return us to the blood of life. the beating 

damp earths soothe.

we whisper memory into the wind, 

as overhead, crow flies free, 

awakening earths sunrise.

©Copyright Karen Bain 2017.All Rights Reserved.


Dùileach / Elemental




Death lives encircling from womb
unto the tomb.
i can hear it in the call of the Raven,
in it’s uncomplicated instinct.
man hides within his degenerative fear,
amidst his pretence of Reality.
death is only nature Reborn
returning to the soil. nourishing all.
there is life after death.
our planet rejoices
accepting new life
in the coming dawn,
when we are gone.
footprints on the sand washing away.
we are as if a Dream.
All things return in elemental



©Copyright Karen Bain 2016. All Rights Reserved.






Our house was cold…hollow of sound

every day returning to the emptiness

flicking the switch to light the dust

of your abandoned world

hoping to find you waiting

walking from absent room to room

ever missing

ever lacking

negligent of all that marriage should be

inwardly distancing myself from you

As far as I could go


coiling back within myself

the past unborn/ as our future

and every pitch black hollow night

returning with excuses

told to unhearing ears

as we undressed unfacing each other

turning away as the lights went out

I grew to unlove you

and your empty sounds

lies spoken through smug smiles

talking to me as if I was a child

unappeasing me

filling the hollow air with promises never to be

but I knew

knew what you were/ where you were/ were not

closed the door

left you to your abandoned life

our empty house of hollow sound

echo’s silencing from room to room

and the darkening night of your void

©Copyright Karen Bain 2015. All Rights Reserved.

The Darkening Light


05-08Aug-2014 0900 (2)

The darkening light

is all around

surrounding us/calling out to us

He was there when they christened you

and when you cried

when you fell from grace

when you found yourself

when you knew your place

Following on in your discarded footsteps

lying beside you in the midnight air

within the nightmares that haunt you

in the coldness of the empty air

Watching for when you come tumbling down

when life’s beaten you/when life’s injured you

when old age has ground you down

When your numbers up

no escaping that

the darkening light is just a footstep away

©Karen Bain 2014. All Rights Reserved.




Across the sea another land
reach out to me
Touch my hand
through the mist of time
an endless song
echoing homeward
a life reborn

An endless ocean
of rhythmic tides
moonlight glistening
echoing skies
the power
the glory
far away
endlessly flowing
night and day

A lifetime’s journey
across the shore
throughout the ages evermore
reach out and touch me
Touch my hand
an endless journey
through time and sand

©Karen Bain 2014. All Rights Reserved.

The White Land


BuEIIJhIcAAC0Bw.jpg large


There is a land where we belong

There is a land and it is Free

It is a land of life & soul

Of dreams

It has never been bought

can never be sold


It has been marched on

trodden on…infiltrated

Spat upon


It is unchanged/unfaltered

never altered

Its destiny is stone


It has rivers of tears

and earth rich in blood

It’s son’s have died for ‘freedom?’


It is Pride & Disassembly

No man can have what he fails

to understand

We can not Own


©Copyright Karen Bain 2014. All Rights Reserved.